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My cousin just could not believe that a dog was sleeping on a baby shawl, human baby, but that dog is a pet, that is what we do for our pets, right? Do you have a pet- a skunk maybe, no? A cockroach then? Probably a tortoise or a giant beetle? Yes, these are pets as well and their owners love them.

Why do we keep pets? For company, they amuse us and we just enjoy having them. They are also beautiful, they play with us and our children. Did you know that there are health benefits of keeping pets-think of therapy dogs or seeing dogs, what would we do without them really?

What pets do we keep? Dogs are the most popular pets, and we understand why-their faithfulness. Your friends may turn faithless but your dog will not. They also act as our watchmen and come to our rescue when we are in danger. People who keep pet dogs are said to be fun-loving and loyal, how true that is, I do not know. I love dogs.

Then we have cats. They have been described as the gods or the masters because that seems to be what they think they are. Their sense of fashion is way up there. They are sleek, playful, affectionate, but they are also lazy, sleepy, self-absorbed, but we love them nonetheless. We who love cats are said to be introverted and intellectuals, aren’t we?

Some of us keep other pets; monkeys, hamsters, birds, bunnies and even snakes. Humans are interesting, we keep parrots because we want to hear them mimic us, white mice because they are beautiful to look at, pigeons so that we can hear them coo, we have many reasons, if you don’t have a pet, find a reason to have one.


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