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Behavioral Counseling

We all recognize that in addition to preventive healthcare, necessary medical care, great nutrition, regular exercise, and grooming, acceptable behavior is necessary for a happy long-term relationship with your cat or dog.
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Diagnostic Testing

Even young and healthy pets need diagnostic testing, so just because your puppy seems healthy, doesn’t mean that you should be hesitant to have them tested. At Isapet Veterinary clinic, we offer a variety of laboratory tests to ensure
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Meet Our Vet

Dr. Peter Gitau earned a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Nairobi in 2004. Apart from working at his clinic, he also works part-time at KSPCA Mombasa, treating the animals and performing surgeries. He has practiced in Kenya for over 10 years read more

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Isapet Vet Clinic Healthy Tips

Teaching your cat to accept brushing will take some training, but will be very beneficial to the cat once he is accustomed to the process. Daily brushing is most beneficial and will help to establish read more